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Announcements TSP Update

The IRS deferral limit for 2021 is $19,500. If you are turning age 50 or over, you may contribute an additional $6,500 for a total of $26,000.

The following information is only applicable to those turning age 50 or over.

Beginning with the first pay date in 2021, you will no longer submit two different elections for TSP, (i.e., "regular TSP election" for contributions up to $19,500 and "Catch-Up" contributions for the additional $6,500).

If you wish to contribute to the two maximum deferred limits, you will take the total limits amount and divide by the number of pay periods in the pay year. This will give the amount to contribute, (e.g., TSP and Catch-up deferred limits total of $26,000/26 pay periods = $1,000 per pay period contribution amount).

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